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Fishing Lures for sale in Wood Lake, Minnesota

Fishing Lures for sale in Wood Lake, Minnesota

Bagley Bait Co.

Top 10 baits from Clarks Hill - Major League Fishing

Just like its deeper diving brother, the Shallow Hybrid Hunter is a proven, fish-catching bait. With a distinctive L-shaped bill design, it excels around vegetation, and dives down to 1-3 feet. The Hybrid Hunter’s key feature is its versatility. It can be fished like a traditional crankbait, jerkbait, topwater wake bait, on-and-on the list goes.

Strike King Hybrid Hunter Jr Crankbait Delta Red

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Fishing SVG, Lake Lure, Clip Art

Fishing Lures for sale in Duluth, Minnesota

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Balsa B Crankbait - Bagley Bait

Unique propeller blade adds flash & sonic vibration to lure fish & trigger em to strike Perfect for moderately colored, stained or muddy water Tip with live bait or your favorite plastic grub Deadly on perch, crappies, walleyes, pike, trout and bass. Dynamite in clear or moderately stained water. Tip with live bait such as half a crawler or a minnow, or soft-plastic trailers. Cast and flutter around weeds, rocks and wood. Also effective drifting, slow-trolling and vertical jigging.

Northland Whistler Jig, Assorted

Fishing Lures for sale in Wood Lake, Minnesota, Facebook Marketplace

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Ima Bill Lowen Squarebill Crankbait