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Baits United States Zman, Zman Fishing Lure

Baits United States Zman, Zman Fishing Lure

The culmination of nearly a decade of testing and tweaking ElaZtech finesse baits, the TicklerZ is arguably the most effective Ned Rig bait ever made. Sporting a thick, dimpled body that mates seamlessly with ShroomZ and NedlockZ jigheads, its buoyant construction and widely spread quad-tentacles cause this bait to come alive on the bottom. Designed for bass but equally effective for a variety of fresh- and saltwater species, the TRD TicklerZ is a must-have regardless of your target.

Z-Man TRD TicklerZ Green Pumpkin; 2.75 in.

Z-Man Goes to Canada: an Update - In-Fisherman

Original United States ZMAN DIEZEL MINNOWZ T-shaped Tail Soft

Wisconsin Bass Fishing Guide A Seminar on Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ

Z-Man Fishing Products - The Science and Art of Fishing

Featuring a patented direct head-to-blade connection and trademarked hex-shaped ChatterBlade, the Z-Man Chatterbait Elite EVO is designed to start vibrating immediately and produce erratic hunting action with each turn of the reel handle. Built around a 5/0 custom heavy-duty needlepoint black nickel hook, the Chatterbait Elite EVO is equipped with a stainless-steel blade offered in plated, painted, and glitter-coated finishes to mimic fleeing or distressed crawdads or baitfish.

Z-Man Chatterbait Elite Evo 3/8 oz / White

Z-Man Chatterbait JackHammer - Bait-WrX

Z-Man Mulletron LT Swimbait

TT Lures® HeadlockZ HD™

An original 'self-walking' topwater lure Z-Man's 5-inch HellraiZer slashes sputters and carves the surface unlike anything you've seen before. Designed by ChatterBait inventor Ron Davis the HellraiZer is power-driven by an exclusive weighted tail blade. A simple straight retrieve effortlessly planes the lure to the top where it delivers its crazed fleeing action at slow or fast speeds. A thin elongated minimalist body sports a belly line tie and a single treble hook.

Z Man Hellraizer Ghost Shad / 5

Made in the USA using quality components Molded-in, custom stamped stainless trailer keeper holds ElaZtech plastics with zero slipping, even after

Z-Man CBD14-02 Diezel Chatter Bait, Redbone Gold/Chartreuse

Z-Man Mulletron LT - Snook Snacks

Z Man Big Blade Chatterbait 1/2oz / Black/Blue Candy